Statesman Insurance Group is a National Independent Insurance Agency.

We are licensed in multiple states.

We represent only the Top-Rated National and Regional Carriers.

As Independent Insurance Agents, we don't represent just one carrier, we have multiple carriers in all insurance lines. While the majority of today's consumers are accustomed to purchasing insurance from an agent or company who only represent a single insurance carrier, the clients of the Statesman Insurance Group have a choice of insurance carriers. Independent Insurance Agents truly serve the client first, rather than just one insurance company. Our clients are not "stuck with" the only insurance coverage they could get. We carefully review each individual client's need and give a choice of carriers, coverage and cost.

With over 15 years of insurance experience, we can
handle your insurance concerns.
Our founders are former captive agents of Allstate and Farmers Insurance. We know firsthand the frustration that consumers experience when insurance carriers raise rates, re-underwrite risks or even withdraw coverage from the marketplace. We are committed to our clients best interests ahead of profits.

As Independent Agents, we can find a carrier who can handle your insurance needs. Even if you thave been told you are "high risk" by someone else, we can normally get you a standard rate. If you are an "ultra-preferred risk" we can offer you a rate better than most other insurance carriers.
We welcome all consumers.

We are a Texas-based insurance agency and our home office is in Texas. As a Texas-founded agency, we are accustomed to a tumultuous insurance marketplace. We understand the problems when carriers leave a state due to weather risks or tightened insurance regulations.

Because we are former captive insurance agents, we are uniquely qualified to help you with your insurance situation
. In almost all cases, there is a carrier who wants and values your business and can offer you coverage.

Insurance is Mandatory, Overpaying is Optional










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